Microsoft Partners With Wolfram Alpha Over Bing Search Engine

In a bid to claw back the lost share in the online search domain, Microsoft Corp. has clasped hands with search engine Wolfram Alpha to provide search results for the former’s latest foray into the search engine market, dubbed as Bing.

Launched back in May, Wolfram Alpha has announced on Wednesday that it would be providing search results to Microsoft’s Bing from now onwards.

The preliminary partnership between the two steadily emerging online search engines would focus on quenching the web users’ thirst of information by providing them with adequate solutions to their queries, along with some handy mathematical tools.

When web searchers type in information related to foods or recipes in the search box, the search engine would also display a small tab alongside to offer them useful diet and nutritional plans.

“By using Wolfram Alpha, Bing recognises the complementary benefits of bringing computational knowledge to the forefront of the search experience”, Wolfram Alpha’s Schoeller Porter mentioned in a blog post.

Microsoft’s has gradually been gaining web searchers’ attention since its launch back in May, as figures from the analyst firm Experian Hitwise suggests that Bing’s share in the US market hiked notably from 8.96 percent in the month of September to 9.57 percent in October.

Incidentally, Microsoft has already inked a 10-year agreement in web search domain with Yahoo, and now this new alliance with Wolfram Alpha comes as a clear indication of the software giant’s soaring interest in snatching some significant share from the market leader Google.

Our Comments

The enemy of my enemy is my friend according to a popular idiom. And Microsoft, by partnering with Wolfram Alpha and Yahoo, has shown that in dire times, strange alliances can be formed. Will all three companies finally break the hegemony of Google?

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