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Samsung S5600 Review

Samsung bring us the S5600, marketed as the Preston or Blade in the UK. It's sparkling with immediate appeal as an upgrade to the popular Tocco lite, or a value alternative to the Jet. More importantly, the S5600 hasn't had all the best features hacked out to make it cheaper.

Less than 100 grams and manufactured in sturdy plastic, this is a lightweight and dinky touchscreen that sits in the palm and can be controlled with a thumb. The 2.8 inch QVGA capacitive screen is bright, crisp and responsive. It's powered by the same TouchWiz fingertip interface that premiered on the Armani phone.

Users have 3 screen areas they can scroll and customise with widgets, rather like the G1. Windows Live Messenger and Skype are included on the application bar, and users can download loads more widgets for other big name social applications. Menus are graphical and clear with functional icons that reminded me of Sony Ericsson styling.

Equipped with essential HSDPA, you also get a 3.2 MP LED flash camera plus a basic front-facing one for video calls. The FM radio is complemented by a 3.5mm jack to listen in. 80MB internal memory can be expanded to a very respectable 16GB with microSD cards.

Pop it in a bag or shirt pocket and it does what you need. Watch out for thumb strain if you're a mad texter.

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