Sony Playstation 3 To Host Facebook Soon

If the recent leaked screen shots of PS3 console proliferating across the blogosphere are to be believed then the next firmware update for your PS3 is likely to allow you to access Facebook, the popular social networking web site.

The alleged screen shot which reportedly appeared on shows a PS3 interface with a Facebook logo on it. A trace on the link revealed that the photo came from Sony’s UK website.

Incidentally the screen shot also showed a new photo browser and the ability to change the game card which hints at more interesting features that may get added to the PS3 console.

As the link was traced back to Sony’s website, making the screen shots credible, fans are looking forward to the addition of the Facebook application on their PS3s.

Many adherent fans of PS3, believe that the all-powerful gaming console is long overdue in introducing its Facebook and other similar applications given the fact that Microsoft has already rolled out such features in the XBOX 360.

If Facebook does become available on PS3, fans can look forward to getting updates from their friends about the games they are playing and even make online live gaming sessions more interesting.

Our Comments

Frankly it is not a surprise given the fact that (a) Facebook has no reason not to allow PS3 users to access its services (b) Facebook launched a few weeks ago on Microsoft's Xbox 360 and is already present on many other platforms as well.

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