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Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adaptor Officially Released

After many reported unofficial launches in several online shopping web sites in the UK, the Xbox Wireless N Networking Adapter 802.11n is officially set for launch in the UK without any fanfare at a price of just £59.99 while its shipping date is expected to be around 20th of November.

Microsoft has confirmed that the sale of the old, 802.11g model will continue only till stocks last. The new Wireless N Networking Adapter 802.11n is almost seven times faster than the previous 802.11g model and has a significantly wider range of Wireless Network Detection.

The Wireless Network Adapter is by far the largest selling Xbox 360 accessory as it allows the user to connect to other consoles in the wireless connection range creating an ad-hoc like experience and it can also connect to the internet from a system if the connection is shared.

The device is connected by the means of an Ethernet port and is recognized by the Xbox 360 as a wired network and the new adapter can work with A/B/G networks.

The dual band device also boasts of a bunch of wireless security features and is designed to offer seamless streaming to its users besides rendering audio in 5.1 surround sound quality.

Our Comments

The Xbox 360 could become a fairly capable media centre when you throw in a blu-ray reader and a beefier hard disk drive. The Wireless N adaptor is a welcomed upgrade but not an essential one.

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