3 backtracks on data differentiation

Changing the rules on your customers is never easy to do and will always cause some negative feedback. Mobile operator 3 plan to begin a tighter broadband traffic management policy from 16 November. This means that some heavy data users will have their speed restricted (throttled back) in areas of congestion.

Originally this was to affect video streaming and peer to peer file sharing, but the decision has been moderated to restrict only p2p applications, like BitTorrent and eDonkey.

Be honest, if you wanted to check your email and had no joy because other customers connected to the same cell were using up all the bandwidth downloading movies, wouldn’t you rant a bit at customer service? That’s certainly been the experience for some customers, leading the operator to bring in new rules.

The new policy, known as traffic shaping might also allow 3 to charge users a premium for more bandwidth, the shaping of tariffs to come? Speaking about the massive increase in data traffic their network has seen, Chief executive officer at 3 UK Kevin Russell told a web site recently "There will be a tsunami like wave of change coming, which the whole industry will have to adapt to".

Originally published at OneMobileRing.com