Channel 4 Aims To Map Relationships Using Crowdsourcing

Channel 4 is pushing online a website of its own kind which reportedly intends to sketch out a vague picture of who is linked to whom in the UK society, partly using crowdsourced information for the purpose.

The new website, dubbed as “Who Knows Who”, aims to disclose connections between business houses, politicians, and other prominent figures of the UK, in an apparent attempt to portray where the real power lies in the country.

The intriguing website opens by drawing up the network of connections between the former members of the famous Bullingdon Club at the Oxford University, erstwhile showcased in More4 docu-drama ‘When Boris Met Dave’, which is to be telecasted on Channel 4 on Saturday at 8pm.

Using information from various third-party sources, such as, the new website from Channel 4 will regularly be updated by its News and Current Affairs team to include more stories on revealing links between politicians and corporate houses.

However, its primary aim is to build up a community of users who can disclose links to be investigated as well as share their knowledge on links between the UK’s most influential figures.

Vicky Taylor, New Media Commissioning Editor for Channel 4, said: “Our ultimate goal is to build the biggest network of connections in the UK - we have currently mapped around 1,000 connections but we aim to multiply that many times over.”