Lenovo All Set To Announce Its Smartbook At The CES

The Consumer Electronic Show (CES), which is to be held in January, will see the entry of Lenovo in the emerging smartbook industry.

For the uninitiated, a smartbook is a device which has all the features of a smartphone and netbook. Such a device can be always on with an all\day battery life, they typically are expected to be equipped with GPS and 3G support.

A ‘Smartbook’ is intended to work with online applications just like mobile devices and sold through mobile service providers and is expected to become a major draw with business users.

The proposed smartbook from Lenovo will be a netbook which will run on an ARM based Snapdragon processor and will not have Windows operating system, as Microsoft had already declared that Windows cannot be run on ARM.

The price tag and the name of the smartbook have not been decided but it is likely that the device would be available on a subsidized data plan on the AT&T network.

Amongst the companies looking to introduce the smartbook into the market, Sharp has taken a lead on others and has first one to develop a smartbook. The company has already started the shipping of its smartbook in Japan.