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Marketing messages: Vodafone

Five minutes on a network’s web page to draw out the key sales messages. Just to explain a little more detail I surf a site in the way I think a new customer would, while scribbling notes. Then while blogging I go back and get any screen captures and double check anything that seemed to good to be true on the first run. Today it’s Vodafone’s turn, with my usual disclaimer: This is for flavour only. Specific tariff details, VAT, fair use, etc will feature in different posts. Here we go!

Clear corporate branding, mainly at the top. Lots of white space but a very varied colour scheme for lots of boxes. Once I’m familiar with the site the colours would probably help me identify with the area I came to use, but for now just convey the message ‘lots of stuff to do here’. I notice popular links in the lower portion of the screen, done in grey text on white which annoys me as I find it hard to read.

I see a cycling banner with 4 offers I’ll describe in a moment, an appealing blue box to the left with latest phone offers (contracts with large touchscreens), and a static ad for Vodafone 360 to the centre-right.

Back to the banner. It’s trying to catch my interest with these messages:

- Introducing Vodafone 360

- Get Vodafone 360 now, with a Samsung H1 or M1

- Unwrap £100 of calls and texts with a Freedom Pack, with some pictures of budget touchscreen phones

- iPhone 3Gs coming soon. Register your interest

The banner ads are all very info lite. Exploring them all used up my time so here’s the info. Two plugs for Vodafone 360 which is a web synched front-end for integrated contacts, social networking, video sharing and of course - buying stuff. ‘Unwrap £100’ led me to prepay offers promoting budget touchscreen phones between £40 and £100, with a free promotional bundle that would normally cost £15 for 200 minutes and 600 texts. The iPhone link was the most disappointing, no release date but I can register for text alerts.

My thoughts after a five minute dabble? Touchscreen phones are big at Vodafone as nowhere did I see a keypad, although I know the Nokia N97 mini is a QWERTY slider. I haven’t been bombarded with pricing info and it seemed easier to quickly pick up a prepay than sort out any contract pricing information. Would I use 360? I have a social-network-of choice already and I need to see it on my phone, but would I do anything more on yet another site? Probably not.

Let me know what you think.

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