Orange’s Global Head Says Mobile Internet Access Demand Is Recession Proof

If Olaf Swantee, the Chief of France Telecom's Orange mobile business is to be believed, the demand for mobile Internet access and data services such as games and pictures is hardly affected by recession.

In support of his arguments, Olaf Swantee mentioned that the increasing revenue figures achieved by mobile service providers in the sector of data services and mobile internet prove that this sector is recession proof with the music download service playing a major part in it.

He also went on to add that nearly 30% of Orange’s telecom users were currently downloading 30MB of data every month and that the figure was just 17% in February this year.

It is important to note that mobile service providers all over the world are using the data services and mobile internet to wade through the drop in returns from voices service plans. Though there is still potential of increase in voice service revenues in new emerging markets, Swantee said the revenues are stabilizing in already established markets.

Olaf also expressed the hope that Orange’s mobile network will be able to handle the strain which is expected owing to the increase in mobile data volumes and the successful trial of their high definition voice services,