Apple All Set To Open A Series Of New Retail Stores

With an eye on increasing its market share at a brisk rate, Apple Inc has firmed up plans to open 40 to 50 new retail outlets with a significant number of them likely to be outside opened up outside the US.

At a soft opening of the new Apple retail store in New York, Ron Johnson, vice president of Apple’s retail division said that the new Apple stores will help them in switching customers from a PC to a Mac.

The new Apple store opened in Upper West Side of New York is the first Apple store to have glass ceilings. The store has 45 foot walls and the products are displayed on the ground floor. There is a glass spiral stair case which takes the customer to the lower level where services are provided by the Apple staff.

Apple has come a long way after opening its first store in 2001 with 279 retail outlets all over the world. In the financial year of 2009, revenue from retail outlets was $6.6 Billion out of total $29.9 Billion. According to the Industrial Design Centre, although Apple comes forth in the computer market behind HP, Dell and Acer, in 19 out of the last 20 quarters Apple has had the maximum increase in sales which has taken its market share 9.4%.