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LG All Set To Come Out With A New Watch Phone

Leading electronic giant LG is likely to come up with a follow up version to its much vaunted GD910 Watch Phone, according to a story carried by

The phone which looks like a wrist watch comes with a heavy leather strap and a sizeable touch screen that allows the user to change screens with a swipe of the finger in any direction, left, right, up or down. It has three buttons on its side for Send, End and Back.

The Watch Phone is expected to be very easy to use and a guide feature is also available that points the direction in which to swipe the screen if you want to access a particular function, with arrows.

The phone is expected to be an improvement over the current GD910 which in itself packs in quite a punch. The GD910 Watch Phone has an in-built music player with 80MB memory due to its size, which by the way is not extendable, and it also offers a USB connection along with a VGA camera.

It is interesting to note that the GD910, which incidentally takes voice commands and reads the text messages to the user, became quite popular with technology enthusiasts in a short period of time.

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