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Apple iPhone 3G S Review

Visually identical to the last one, the iPhone 3G S is launched in concert with an upgrade to iPhone OS 3.0. One new phone a year so far means you shouldn’t expect a giant leap forwards in tech. Previous owners get just that little bit more and new users enter the iPhone world while it's still trendy.

Competitors can match it, but there really is no faster HSDPA phone at present, plus 16 and 32GB models give loads of storage. A faster processor makes applications run and close more smoothly. The quality and quantity (over 100,000) of apps is staggering, giving Apple the real market lead here. Widgets and apps for virtually anything can be found online, but only one will run at a time.

The compass is nice but nerdy until you use it with map and navigation tools. Auto-aligning your real world facing really adds to the experience and geotagging pictures to social sites is fun. Sporting a 3 MP camera with auto focus, this is the first iPhone with MMS out of the box. In-built simple editing tools and an upload to YouTube link allows users to share basic quality clips with ease.

Only a slight improvement to speaker quality and hearing users repeat themselves and raise voices alerts us to patchy call quality. And super-slim phones with loads of tech inside will cause the best in batteries to drain fast. Plug in a decent earphone/mic and be ready to charge often, then you’ll really enjoy the iPhone.

Fanboys and constant hype did put me off a bit, but Apple continue to score very highly in must-have gadgetry.

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