Charity calls for action on mobile cyberbullying

UK charity Beatbullying published a report today that keeps the issue of cyber-griefing in the public eye. The report reveals upwards of 300,000 children and young people may be experiencing the same consequences as face-to-face bullying, while online. Two-thirds of the children surveyed reported seeing some kind of online bullying.

Youth social networking site Bebo and Microsoft’s Windows Live Messenger were highlighted in the report as channels where a higher proportion of concern was raised. Both companies issued statements explaining the behaviour is committed by the minority of users, and that they offer tools and links to get help and report abuse immediately.

Customers and anyone affected by these issues can get help from the BBC Radio 1 Bullyproof campaign web site. The link on the right will take you helpline info, social networking site anti-bullying pages, and celebrity video clips with suggestions on staying confident and feeling good about yourself.

The advice I’ve always given to customers experiencing malicious calls or posts still stands. Report the monsters who do it, because it’s likely they’ll be doing the same thing to many more. For social networking sites, make sure your privacy settings only reveal what you want revealed. Think about how your friends will feel about your own postings and status updates and most importantly, try not to rise to nastiness yourself.

Like to know more? download the report here

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