IBM Debuts Smart Analytics Cloud Computing Service

IBM, the world’s largest provider of computer services, has announced the launch of a new cloud computing service, on Monday, in a bid to compete with companies like Inc, Google Inc and Microsoft Corp.

The cloud computing service, called ‘Smart Analytics Cloud’, will be IBM’s biggest cloud computing service that it has launched till date. IBM said that this cloud service would be the first one that it would adopt internally.

Cloud computing is an internet based service which allows the users, mainly companies, to run software and store data in remote large-scale data centers.

This way, the users can save on hardware, human resources, space and electricity and they also retain options for rapid scalability if such a need arises.

Although the concept of Cloud computing has been around for a while, the sector started to grow when first launched its own cloud computing service quickly followed by Inc and Salesforce.

A study by Gartner Research estimates the sales in cloud computing sphere to be $3.4 billion this year alone and the move by IBM is seen by many as an attempt to increase its presence in this domain and bolster its bouquet of offerings.

Our Comments

Big Blue's incursion in the field of cloud computing means that it can now be considered as being mature enough for corporate and Fortune 500 companies. 2010 is likely to be the year of Cloud computing with the likes of Oracle and Microsoft likely to strengthen their positions in that sector.

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