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ITN Debuts Brand New Youtube Christmas Channel

ITN, a major news and content network in the UK, has launched a new channel on YouTube with an idea of capturing the Yuletide spirit and it features over 200 items of original content has been aptly dubbed as The Christmas Channel.

The newly launched channel is a result of a collaboration between ITN’s multimedia network ITN On and Jerusalem Productions. Currently the channel features a Christmas oriented interview of Robert Pattinson of the Twilight fame along with singers Leona Lewis and Peter Andre who tell what the Christmas season means to them.

The channel also plans to host documentaries along with festive recipes, Christmas stories and it also has a line-up of original productions like The Xmas Files and A Small Miracle by Jerusalem productions.

Expressing his satisfaction at the development, Mark Browning, ITN On commercial director commented that with the support of organisations like Jerusalem Productions, The Christmas Channel plans to generate millions of views from the huge array of original content specially commissioned for the Christmas season with help of advertisements around the videos and its successful iPhone apps.

Many media analysts believe that the launch of the channel has been particularly well timed and it can hope to draw a significant number of viewers rapidly. The channel can be viewed here.

Our Comments

With Christmas only a few weeks away, it makes sense for ITN to come up with that branded channel. Youtube's role as the platform and content distributor cannot be underestimated. Sadly though it has only managed to attract around 4600 views only over the last few hours.

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