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Orange Partners With Twitter To Deliver Status Updates Via Mobile

Telecom major Orange has announced its collaboration with the micro blogging site Twitter which will allow its users to receive free text updates and a chance to share photos on Twitter via MMS.

Although Vodafone also allows its users to send and receive tweets through text messages after its partnership with Twitter, the Orange-Twitter deal goes a step ahead as it empowers its users to upload MMS photos which will be hosted by Snapshot, Orange’s photo-sharing website. Interestingly it would be the first time Twitter will allow photos to be posted on its website.

For the people using Orange handsets like iPhone, Motorola DEXT or Toshiba TG01, it won’t make much of a difference as the phones come with a dedicated Twitter application. But nonetheless, this new feature is bound to reduce the mobile bills of many of Orange’s users.

With the popularity of Twitter growing by leaps and bounds, the tie-up will surely go a long way in helping Orange users to connect with their friends. However, it is to be noted that a users will not be able to receive tweets from all the people they are following as a certain limit will set by the mobile service provider.

Our Comments

After Vodafone and O2, Orange has finally struck a partnership with Twitter. Users will be able to send and receive status updates by MMS/SMS. Twitter won't charge for this service however, the carrier will either charge you on PAYG or the texts will be deducted from the user's quota.

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