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Palm Lambasts WebOS Competitors

Palm’s chief executive officer Jon Rubinstein has hailed his company’s new foray in mobile operating space, codenamed as “webOS”, by slamming other companies’ offerings in the same domain, particularly Google’s Android.

In an interview with the New York Times, Rubinstein mentioned that WebOS has an edge over Android, simply because the operating system has failed to draw mass appeal yet (ed: Google might argue otherwise).

Targeting smartphones featuring Google Android platform, Rubinstein said that Android based phones, and particularly newly launched Motorola Droid, which was launched by Verizon Wireless a couple of weeks back, has explicitly been tailored for techies.

Furthermore, he noted that his company is “doing a more general product” that would let people live their lives more seamlessly.

This candid statement from Rubinstein about the lack of mass appeal of Android seems a bit perplexing, because the operating system from the labs of Google has of late drawn attraction of some of the big names in the smartphone industry, including Sony Ericsson, Motorola, Samsung, and HTC.

In addition, Rubinstein also said that the companies like Apple and Palm, which offer both hardware and software for smartphones, have a definite edge over the others that have to depend upon third parties.

Citing the same, he said in a statement: "The companies that will deliver the best products are the ones that integrate the whole experience - the hardware, the software and the services - and aren't getting one piece from here and one piece from there and trying to bolt it all together".

Our Comments

Palm is not out of the woods yet. The Pre is the first smartphone from Palm that was on par with the competition. But unless Palm can come up with something exceptional over the next few months, all the great work the team headed by Rubinstein achieved will be next to worthless.

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