Playstation 3.10 Firmware Brings Social Networking Features

The new PlayStation 3 firmware 3.10 update, set to be launched later this week, will have a Facebook application, Sony has confirmed, proving the leaked images of Facebook integration with the PS3 platform.

The update will allow the players to link their Facebook accounts to their PlayStation Network account providing them with an option to set auto updates of Trophy and PlayStation Store activity to Facebook News Feed.

Eric Lempel, PlayStation Network Operations director, commented in a blog post on Sony’s official PlayStation blog that the collaboration with the popular social networking website was only a beginning and the users can expect further new features in the future that will enhance their PS3 experience.

The gaming console market has witnessed a frenzied competition amongst it top players for increasing their market share and after Microsoft’s XBOX 360 integration with Facebook, it was only a matter of time that Sony came up with a similar update.

It has also been reported that the new firmware will have an update for the Photo app allowing easier viewing of images on the gaming console. The users will also be able to choose colors of their PlayStation Network ID and the PSN friends list according to their preferences.

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The Xbox 360 is also set to undergo a major update by the end of the week and this will bring it head to head against the PS3. Both platforms are attempting to morph from being gaming-only environments to more general devices in an attempt to wow a wider audience.

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