Bing Makes Rapid Strides In The US Search Market

It seems that Microsoft’s intense efforts to ramp up the offerings of its latest bid in search engine domains, dubbed as ‘Bing’, is eventually paying off significantly, as its share in the US search market for the month of October has soared notably to around 10 percent, according to stats revealed by the online tracking firm comScore.

The data revealed by the analytics company has revealed that Bing has registered a growth of around 0.5 percent in its share in the US search and advertising market.

It came as the fifth consecutive modest gains in the US search engine arena for Microsoft Bing, which the company unveiled back in June accompanied by a whopping 100-million-dollar advertising campaign to challenge the dominance of Google in the market.

However, this modest increase in Bing’s search market didn’t affect the position of Google at all, as the search engine giant still holds the top spot with a prodigious margin, and registered a half-a-point increase to reach 65.4 percent.

Besides, Microsoft is perceptibly gaining at the expense of its search partner Yahoo, as the latter saw as much as 0.8 percent decline in its share in the US search market, and its total share in the month of October was found to be 18.0 percent, according to comScore.