Email To Disappear Within 10 Years Says Talktalk

If TalkTalk, the largest internet service provider in the UK, is to be believed then the concept of email will nearly be extinct in the next 10 years.

In a research conducted by the broadband provider and a social anthropologist from the University of Kent, it has been found that only 51% of the population in their teens and early 20’s use email.

The rest prefer to communicate with their friends via social networking sites, text messages or an instant messenger.

It was also been reported that the older tech savvy generation still tend to use email with nearly 96 percent of those surveyed in the age group of 45-64 mentioning it as their preferred choice of communication.

Expressing his views on the subject Mark Schmid of TalkTalk mentioned “Increasingly people want to send quick, short messages reaching many people in one go, and there are now better ways of doing that than via email."

Email today forms that backbone of online communications across the world and many of us may not even comprehend the possibility of it becoming redundant in about a decade from now given the sheer importance it has today in both our professional and personal lives