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Google Spices Up Its Online Translator Service With Sophisticated New Features

Google has upped the ante for its widely popular online translator tool, codenamed as “Google Translate”, by bringing in a couple of new features coupled with a refreshing new look to the service.

In its latest update to the tool, the search engine behemoth has augmented it with three new features, which include offering instant translation capabilities, along with feature to read and write any language.

The most striking feature of the new update is its ability to offer instant translation of languages, which involves offering rapid translation of the language while users type in the words, without necessitating them to click on to “Translate” button over and over again.

In addition to it, the update further enables users to have “Romanised” version of various languages, such as Mandarin and Hindi. However, the feature doesn’t work for a couple of languages, including Hebrew, Persian and Arabic.

It also boasts of a feature that sees an input transliteration of a variety of languages, such as Hindi, Persian, Arabic, etc, that lets users enter words as they sound and the tool will automatically convert them into native characters after clicking on the space button.

The overall quality of translation has been spruced up significantly, but some specific languages have fared better than others. English to Greek, and French to English, translations were found to be immaculate, but Spanish to English translations have shown some issues, according to Computer Shopper.

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