Headline figures

A quick shout out and respect to Wireless and Mobile News for posting these statistics, the closing remarks at a conference focused on mobile marketing.

- Mobiles are the most widely used ‘technology’ on earth, with more than 3 billion in use.

- There are 3 times more mobile phone users than PC users.

- There are twice as many mobile phone users than Internet users.

- Every four seconds a baby is born, and 15 mobile phones are sold.

- More people have mobiles than credit cards.

- The mobile phone is more important than TV to 16 to 24-year olds.

- Mobile media spend is up 40% against a year ago. Making mobile media the fastest growing media channel today.

Take the stats with a pinch of salt, I think ‘fire’ and ‘the spoon’ could be classed as technology. However, there’s clearly money to be made getting your eyeballs dragged across an advert on your phone. Hey, will this spawn a new industry in mobile pop-up blockers?

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Originally published at OneMobileRing.com