Microsoft Firms Up Its Plan To Roll Out Azure Cloud Service

In a bid to capitalise on the industry’s surging interest in internet-based applications and services, Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday has announced that it will be debuting its highly-anticipated Azure cloud service in January next year.

Azure, which serves as a handy platform for software developers to help them create applications, and lets consumers store a huge amount of their data, was rolled out on trial basis for a limited number of users around a year back.

Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s Chief Software Architect, said on Tuesday at the annual Professional Developer Conference (PDC) that the company is all set to make the service available to enterprises and consumers from the 1st of January next year.

Developers have shown a tremendous interest in Azure ever since the platform was made available for trial purposes around a year ago, Ozzie told the gathering at the PDC.

Ozzie’s keynote speech at the symposium pivoted around the improvements and back-end support the software giant has incorporated into Azure.

One of the most noteworthy areas of improvement is SQLAzure, which has been transformed into database-as-a-service only last year, and allows customers to create databases as per their needs, Ozzie noted.

“Windows Azure is a cloud computing operating environment designed to manage extremely large pools of computational resources. It's a cloud OS designed for the future, but made for today”, Ozzie said in a statement.