Mobile Phone Network Sells Customer Details Without Prior Permission

The Information Commissioner’s office has disclosed that a major UK mobile network is being prosecuted for selling thousands of customers details without permission.

However, the authority refused to comment when it was asked about the name of the mobile network involved in the conspiracy.

The Commissioner’s office said that the staff of the offending network had sold the customers details for a substantial amount.

The data was used to call the customers whose contracts were to expire soon. Owing to the actions of few rogue employees, the network is expected to face serious legal action besides taking a hit on its reputation.

The office also confirmed that a prosecution case was being prepared and the name of the mobile network in question will be revealed soon.

It has also been reported that when some news agencies have apparently contacted UK’s 5 biggest mobile networks; while major telecom networks like O2, Orange and Vodafone denied their involvement in the scandal, T-Mobile is yet to respond.

Incidents of breach of data security norms have become increasingly common and this latest incident serves as a grim reminder to organisations to bolster up their data security procedures in order to safeguard their user data and protect themselves from legal action.