Stephen Fry Lauds Twitter For Its People Friendly Features

Stephen Fry, writer, actor and a prominent Twitter figure, has appreciated the microblogging phenomenon Twitter for its capability to free up celebs from their intense reliance on the press and media to advertise their works.

Speaking at The 140 Characters Conference in London, the avid Twitterer, who has more than one million followers on the website, distinguished himself as one of the “Twillionaires” who can bypass press for their PR needs.

In a statement that indicates the hassles celebs have to confront while dealing with press, Stephen Fry said: “It used to be a pact with the devil. You wanted to inform the press about a new film and they said they will interview you, but only if they are allowed to ask you around other themes about your private life”.

The one-day symposium, which was organised by the famous web entrepreneur Jeff Pulver, has been riveted on discussing various uses of the microblogging website across the society.

In addition, Fry mentioned several famous comments over the year where the microblogging site, as he quotes, a triumph.

One such comment, he mentioned, was the case of Jan Moir’s article on the death of Stephen Gately in the Daily Mail, as he tagged the article “malevolently phrased”, and ridiculed the manner in which those responsible for it, along with those were opposing it.