Study Claims Playing Nintendo Wii Could Improve Health

Sports games and activities that are included in the Wii fit series of Nintendo Wii, may increase the energy expenditure to the level of moderate intensity exercise, said researchers at the American Heart Association (AHA) scientific meeting held in Orlando on Monday.

The study, funded by the gaming giant Nintendo, showed that one-third of the games in the Wii fit series require energy expenditure of 3.0 MET or above. METs are metabolic equivalent values - a standard method of estimating energy expenditure.

However the study did not prove the health benefits of playing the game, Motohiko Miyachi, head of a physical activity program at the National Institute of Health and Nutrition in Tokyo, commented that the games might contribute to prevent cardiovascular diseases.

It was found in the study that the most effective exercise was the single-arm stand featured in the Wii fit which had an MET score of 5.6 whereas Wii Tennis and Basketball produced 3.0 METs.

Miyachi also claims that the Wii offers a very easy and enjoyable way of exercising and that he even personally enjoys Wii Tennis and Basketball games in particular.

It is to be noted that the there is a ever growing physical obesity level in Japan and USA. Let us hope that Wii contributes in correcting those figures as well the waistlines.