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Survey Labels IT Employees As Less Healthy Amongst All Workers

The personal training organisation, Fat Free Fitness has concluded in its research that IT workers are the least active and healthy workers in the country.

The study, in which 1700 UK workers were surveyed, showed that 19 percent of the IT workforce managed to maintain government’s baseline of half an hour of moderate exercise five times a week. This figure was only 26 percent and 28 percent in Receptionists and Sales workers.

When it came to the question of healthy diet, IT workers came across as a disappointing lot as only 14 percent said they had five fruits and vegetable a day. Their questionable diet also included an average 10 cups of coffee per day, a habit which many health experts believe may prove harmful in the long run.

Rich Leigh, founder of Fat Free Fitness said that there was a correlation between sitting at desks the whole day and the level of activeness of the worker. Leigh also said that despite spending millions on health campaigns the government failed to make an impact as people leave gyms because they are not able to afford it. Leigh added that, ensuring that the workers get ample time to exercise and learn about healthy diet should be a priority.

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