Swindon Town Delivers Free WiFi For Its Constituents

Swindon, one of the major towns of the Wiltshire County in the UK, is all set to get free wireless access to internet by April 2010, the Swindon Borough Council has confirmed and it also has plans to cover the town in a ‘WiFi Mesh’.

The service, being hailed as Signal, will give its users limited access to the internet allowing them to pay for 20MB upgrades. With a budget of Ł1 million, the scheme will provide the internet connection through 1400 secure access points with a much higher performance than the ones installed in homes.

Wireless internet essentially allows users to access the internet from anywhere without using the phone lines. The council officials have mentioned that the line rentals will also be free of charge and it has also been reported that Digital City UK, in which the council has a 35% share, will run the project.

The service will come with the ability to make internet calls and remote medical consultations along with the popular services offered by likes of Microsoft and Google and the network will also have anti-virus software.

Some analysts believe that any such future technological inductions in other towns and cities of UK will depend upon the success of this venture in Swindon.