Microsoft And SAP Look To Take On Oracle By Joining Forces

Software giants Microsoft and SAP have teamed up with each other with intention of encroaching on Oracle’s turf according to a story carried by Seeking Alpha.

In an announcement which was made today, Microsoft said that it will name the German software company as the “preferred provider” to its customers of software for budgeting, planning and forecasting.

A SAP spokeswoman said that under the arrangement SAP and Microsoft will make joint sales calls and appear at events together apart from continuing this relationship for a long time.

Ironically both the companies make software that is used by businesses all over for balancing the ledger and customer relations.

Both the software giants look to win sales against Oracle with this arrangement as they will work toward integrating SAP's BusinessObjects among the Microsoft’s user base.

In the past, Oracle has been the rival of SAP in Business Application Software domain and Microsoft’s rival in the market of database software and this tie-up may just upset its marketing plans as it will now have to think ahead to ward off the joint threat.

Oracle is yet to react on this understanding between the two software giants and no spokesperson from the company has come forward to comment.