Mobile’s green and pleasant land

The GSMA is a powerful trade association championing the interests of mobile companies around the world. Together with The Climate Group they have published a Mobile’s Green Manifesto, detailing the mobile industry’s plans ahead of the Copenhagen summit this December.

The key areas of the manifesto set goals targeted by 2020 and include:

- Cutting greenhouse gas emissions created in manufacturing and connecting phones by 40%.

- Ensuring the energy consumed by phones, in use and on standby is reduced by 40%.

- Reducing the carbon footprint of network equipment by 40%.

- To aim for carbon neutral growth despite the massive forecast increase in global mobile connections.

The report details ways other sectors can save energy and lower emissions using mobile technology. Many examples are given such as embedded SIM cards and dematerialisation. It’s not science fiction, dematerialisation in this context means using less material or replacing existing stuff using low-energy substitutes, holding virtual meetings, video conferencing or home working are all examples where all of Industry can do more.

Like to know more? Download the manifesto here

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