Most Twitter Users In UK Seem To be Liberals, Says Study

Twitter, the micro-blogging website, has more than 5.5 million British users, most of which are likely to be Guardian reading liberal Londoners, says a recent study.

The study which was done by YouGov and commissioned by Propect magazine compared Twitter users to the rest of the country. It was found in the study that majority of the Twitter users had stronger "liberal and civil libertarian bias" than the rest of the country.

The research which surveyed a total of 2,024 British people apparently included 200 Twitter users. While 33 per cent of the public said they felt that protecting civil liberties is more important than giving the police more antiterrorist powers, 43 per cent of Twitter users seconded the motion. It was also found that 18 per cent lived in London where as only 13 per cent of the other respondents lived in London.

The social networking website has been dominated by Left-wing campaigns for some time which include the Twitter-wide criticism of Daily Mail columnist Jan Moir for her column on the death of Stephen Gately, the Boyzone band member and the support for Guardian newspaper in its legal battle for ending the reporting ban on the Trafigura documents.

The Editor of Prospect magazine, James Crabtree, commented that new technologies offered on the internet are being used by the political extremes of the Left and Right wings. He also added that the urban, metropolitan, Guardian-reading ‘chattering classes’ have gathered online into a real force in British politics.