O2 Vows To Pour Millions For Network Upgrade

In its response to the severe criticisms it has drawn in the past couple of months over the miserable performance of its networks, the UK mobile operator O2 has vowed to ramp up its network capabilities by pouring some significant investments into it.

The operator is looking forward to upgrade its mobile network to augment its data handling capacities, and committing to the same, it has announced a multi-year strategy involving some mammoth investments.

As per its plans, the company will start from London by installing somewhere around 40 new mobile data hotspots in the city by the end of the year, and another 160 in the span of next one year or so.

Under this massive network upgrade drive, the rest of the country would see the addition of another 1,500 new hotspot locations.

Derek McManus, chief technology officer at O2 UK, noted that the operator is looking ahead for a significant surge in data usage over the next year, and henceforth its gearing up to match this massive growth with enhanced investment to augment its network capacity for the future.

Discussing about the considerable growth mobile industry had in the past few years, McManus said: “Our £500m investment over the past two years has enabled us to offer the best products in the world, including the Apple iPhone and Palm Pre. In the past 12 months the mobile industry has seen an unprecedented change in demand”.