Ofcom Issues Handy Online Shopping Safety Suggestions

With the festival season approaching, more and more people would switchto the internet to satiate the appetite of their starving shopping carts, and thereby would inadvertently offer cyber fraudsters a groovy opportunity to have their unauthorised share of the pie.

In order to deal with this situation, communications watchdog Ofcom has come forward to guide online users about some of the fundamental know-hows of online shopping to have a seamless and secure shopping experience this Christmas.

Along the same line, the regulator has released a video on educating people as a part of its annual event Get Safe Online week (16-20 Nov), aimed at raising awareness about internet safety issues.

In addition to recommending users to have an updated iteration of antivirus software installed on their PCs, Ofcom further suggested them to purchase from authentic and familiar websites only.

Online shoppers are further advised for using credit cards for purchases worth more than £100 instead of debit cards.

The regulator further takes the opportunity to inform users about the 7-day cooling off period in order to reconsider the product they purchased online.

It also made people familiar that if they purchase from a UK seller or supplier they enjoy the same shopping rights as if they bought goods from the high street.