Significant Number Of XBOX 360 Consoles Fail In The Very First Year

CNET UK online has found that almost 60 per cent of XBOX 360 gaming consoles in the UK have died in their first year usage, in a survey.

In the user-initiated survey of 1,128 console owners, out of which 562 were XBOX owners, 472 had PS3 and the rest of the 592 owned a Wii, it was found that the 360 XBOX users faced the maximum number of hardware failures compared to 16 per cent in PS3 and 6 per cent in the Wii. The survey also indicated that 47 per cent of 360 users had lost their console to technical faults within the first year of purchase.

Earlier the XBOX 360 was plagued with the ‘Ring Of Death’ problem and Microsoft had to shell out a billion dollars to fix it. Experts believe that the current problems are the result of an over heating issue.

Despite the difficulties, the gaming console is widely popular and its features like Xbox Live, that enables users to download content such as arcade games, game demos, trailers, TV shows, make it a big draw amongst gaming enthusiasts. Quite expectedly many XBOX fans will be looking to Microsoft to sort out the issues with its gaming console so that they can have a better gaming experience.