Sony Unveils Its WebSDK Public Beta

Sony Ericson, in a bid to boost its mobile sales, unveiled the beta version of its WebSDK software at the Web 2.0 conference in New York.

The software will provide tools designed to create applications for Sony Ericsson Android and Symbian based phones such as the soon to be launched X10 and the recently launched Satio. The WebSDK was created in collaboration with the PhoneGap open source community and it allows developers to more easily create cross-platform applications.

The Head of Developer and Partner Engagement at Sony Ericsson, Christopher David, said that the WebSDK will focus on integrating the capabilities of web technologies and give the developers access to easy-to-use tools and mobile phones platforms. The HTML/CSS/JavaScript part can be embedded in the developer's tool of choice and the WebSDK provides a variety of testing and deployment tools for both systems.

However, experts believe that the launch of the WebSDK has something to do with preparing the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 to take on Apple’s Iphone, when the Android based phone is launched in February. The X10 has a 4-inch screen and 854x480 pixels of screen resolutions, far better than the Iphone.