The smartphone is for games

Millennial Media publish its October SMART report revealing lots of interesting facts. Apple topped 100,000 applications last month and growth doesn’t seem to be slowing.

The chart I’ve borrowed from the report shows total applications for the three main suppliers, broken down by type. You can see that for everybody, games dominate the available content.

In just over a year since the launch of Android Market, 13,000 apps compares favourably to just 3,100 available with BlackBerry App World. App World has been around six months longer so you can see why new development tools from RIM were announced last week.

It’s claimed that 90% of iPhone and iPod Touch owners have bought something from Apple’s App Store, with £2.99 ($4.99) believed to be the sweet spot for customers to make impulse purchases. £2.99 can now buy you a beer, a burger or a download.

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