UK Cybercrime Unit Arrests Duo Over Zbot Trojan

The Metropolitan Police have taken a hacker duo into custody over suspicions of their involvement in distributing malware to filch personal details from tens of thousands of computers across the globe.

The suspected hacker pair were arrested in Manchester for spreading a Trojan program meant for picking up critical financial and other important details from several PCs worldwide, according to the police.

The inquiry pivots around the reported infestation by the ZeuS or Zbot Trojan program, which once installed in a user’s computer could steal login credentials of bank accounts, credit card details, along with important personal details, such as login details on social networking sites.

The Metropolitan Police e-crime unit’s officers had arrested the man and a woman, both aged 20, on 3rd of November in Manchester, and subsequently released them on bail while continuing with the inquiry further.

Charlie McMurdie, Detective Superintendent with the department’s e-crime unit, noted that the suspects were the first in Europe to be detained over the widespread scam.

Speaking about the gravity of the Zbot Trojan program, she said: “This is known internationally as being a very significant malicious computer programme or malware. It is used for infecting or accessing personal information and in this instance we have 10,000 computers worldwide that have been infected”.