Fring for Android

Fring is a social hub application that allows users to merge their contacts from phonebooks, VoIP and IM clients, then interact with them all through one application.

Now available for Android devices it uses your existing internet connection or Wi-Fi, so it can give you free chat if your connection is already free or unlimited. I downloaded it from Android Market this morning and had a quick go. Icon styling and interface design give it friendly but definite youth-feel.

I can see the attraction of having all my cross-application contacts in one list, but I’d need to laboriously reorganise them as Fring doesn’t group contacts – James in my phonebook, Wolfboy on Skype and on WLM may all be one person, but they appear all over the place in a very long list.

Customers will be using Fring, so it’s always good to know how these things work

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