Google Firms Up Its Plan To Roll Out Google Chrome OS In The Coming Year

The search engine giant has firmed up its plan to commercially roll out Google Chrome OS in the coming year and it has also dropped broad hints at the features which the much vaunted OS will sport.

The Chrome OS, named Chromium, was initially announced this summer as a project developed specifically for Netbooks. It was reported that the OS will be launched as open source to solely utilise web based applications.

Google will look to draw out users by offering them intrinsic speed and high security along with open source approach of Chromium. However, as the Chrome OS has a web based character and hence most memory errors and crashes are expected to be contained in a Sandbox. The company also said that the OS will diagnose and repair itself if attacked.

Expressing his views on the subject, Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google mentioned that incase of other operating systems, users had to keep updating the software but with Chromium, they will not have to worry about it. The OS is due for a Christmas launch in the next year and it will initially be available on Netbooks from manufacturers including the likes of ASUS and Acer.