Law Firm Contemplates Class Action Suit To Recompense Xbox Live Modders

A US-based law firm is gearing up to file a class-action lawsuit against Microsoft for banning around one million Xbox 360 users from its Xbox Live service over the charges that they have modified their game consoles.

Abingdon Law, a Texas-based law firm, has put up the outline of its probe while looking for banned Xbox Live users to have compensation.

In its allegations, the company says that the software giant intentionally plotted its recent barring order at this juncture against the owners of modified consoles, soon after the release of some of this year’s most-awaited games.

The firm’s website quoted: “An investigation is currently being conducted regarding business practices of Microsoft with respect to its recent cancellation of certain modified Xbox consoles for use with Xbox Live”.

It further goes on to say that the software maker deliberately “timed” the Xbox console banning order, which came soon after the release of the new ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ game, and around less than two months after the launch of the immensely popular “Halo 3: ODST game”.

The company refers to the barring of Xbox Live users a “weapon which has resulted in a great deal of collateral damage - many people were affected who had nothing to do with piracy”.