Microsoft Unveils Pivot, A Sophisticated Online Discovery Tool

Microsoft Live Labs has launched a powerful yet simple online discovery tool called Pivot. The tool allows the user to perform a visual search on objects using a series of linked data and runs in Vista or Windows 7 with IE8.

Pivot, a .NET client, which is based on Seadragon and Deep Zoom platforms, has an interface so powerful that it narrows down the search to a few relevant results, visualising them in the process. The size of the visualisations is subject to the user’s preferences.

Explaining the tool, Gary Flake from Microsoft mentioned that Pivot’s architecture was simple and based on current web technologies. He also highlighted Pivot’s main feature ‘collections’ which combines large groups of similar items allowing the user to view relationships between individual pieces of information which results in interaction with scores of pieces of data in a revolutionary way.

According to the post on Live Lab’s website, the software giant claims that Pivot will give the user, the ability to discover new insights while they interact with thousands of results at once.

It has also been reported that Pivot cannot run on Intel integrated chipsets and on graphic cards which don’t have a dedicated VRAM. As of now Pivot is available for technical review and can be downloaded from the Live Lab’s web site.