Microsoft’s Sinofsky Gives A Preview Of IE9 And Reviews Windows 7

The president of Microsoft's Windows Division, Steven Sinofsky, gave a presentation on Windows new OS, 7 and Internet Explorer 9 at the Professional Developers Conference (PDC).

Starting of with a humorous video depicting some uniquely painful ways to punish Windows 7 developers for creating flawed code, Sinofsky went on to review Windows 7, discussing it's performance-improving features like parallel driver loading and Trigger Start Services,

Sinofsky also demonstrated the Windows 7's sensor capabilities, showing how a Dell PC can activate when approached, and how a digital ambient light sensor can adjust screen brightness automatically based on ambient lighting.

When it came to IE9, Sinofsky said that the development of the web browser was into its third week. However, adding that IE 9 was still lagging in the ACID 3 compatibility, he also said that his team of developers was bent upon improving the browser’s results.

Sinofsky, commenting on the browser's JavaScript performance, said that IE9’s Javascript performance is close to that of Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome.

Experts believe that the IE9, with the help DirectX10, will tap into the features of Windows 7 PCs giving an enhanced display of rendered text and smooth running of animation objects.