Top ten applications for next year

Gartner INC is a respected global provider of ICT research, analysis and advice to senior business movers and shakers. Their published report Dataquest Insight: The Top 10 Consumer Mobile Applications in 2012, is available to purchase but here’s a rundown of what they think the most popular mobile applications of next year will be.

- Money Transfer – Send cash to people by SMS. Amazing for the developing world, but hard to police

- Location-Based Services – Info and entertainment services, tailored to where you are

- Mobile Search – Search engines adjusting content for mobile consumers

- Mobile Browsing – Available on 60% of phones now, and ever increasing

- Mobile Health Monitoring – Heart rate, pedometers, remember-to-take-the-tablet alerts

- Mobile Payment – Small transactions through your phone and increased security to authenticate who you are

- Near Field Communication. Dump all the loyalty cards from your wallet, your phone will identify you as you walk past

- Mobile Advertising – We’ll all have to put up with more adverts

- Mobile Instant Messaging – Huge demand already but the price should come down, especially if they tag it with adverts

- Mobile Music – Continued attempts to get us to buy music through phones

I think games will continue be the real number one. I’d have liked education, online book and translation services to have featured, especially as connections multiply in the developing world.

Like to know more? purchase the report (but only if your employer pays)

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