Twitter Now Wishes To Know “What’s Happening”

Twitter is bringing upon a relatively smaller change in its service which include replacing the prompting question “What are you doing?” that was mentioned atop the website’s status box since it moved into the blogosphere with that of a new tagline “What’s Happening?”.

The move, which perceptibly aims at inciting users to share whatever’s happening around them with other members on the website, was announced by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone in his blog post on Thursday.

“Twitter was originally conceived as a mobile status update service -- an easy way to keep in touch with people in your life by sending and receiving short, frequent answers to one question, 'What are you doing?”, Stone quoted in a blog post.

But this preliminary characteristic of the hugely popular microblogging website has long been transformed and the website has evolved magnificently as an interactive platform to let people share whatever they have in their mind, Stone mentioned.

Denoting the new change in the website, he quoted: “What are you doing?' isn't the right question anymore. Starting today, we've shortened it by two characters. Twitter now asks, "What's happening?”

However, the new change would hardly have an impact on the way people use this microblogging service, he added.