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Apple Users Who Smoke Not Covered By Warranty?

According to a report on the Consumerist, a consumer affairs blog, Apple is voiding the warranty of the products that are owned by the people who smoke.

In the report, two readers of the blog have been quoted as claiming that the electronics giant refused to acknowledge the warranty of their Macs as they were exposed to second hand smoke in their houses.

Apple has refused to fix the machines claiming that cigarette smoke is a bio-hazard and employees repairing the machines exposed to it were at risk.

Interestingly the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mentions several commonly available substances as bio-hazard which includes the likes of calcium carbonate (found in calcium tablets), isopropyl alcohol (used to clean wounds), chlorine apart from Nicotine which according to Apple leaves behind its traces in the machines that are exposed to it and thus contaminates them.

If the reports are to be believed, those working in Apple have clearly maintained that machines which are exposed to smoke will not be repaired.

However it is also important to note that standard Applecare documents contains no terms and conditions that allows the company to void the warranty of machines exposed to second hand smoke.

Our Comments

Apple could be in serious trouble if the US authorities start to investigate this rather weird case. The consumer electronics company will have to balance the interests of its customers with that of its employees. Either way, if it has it wrong, it could risk some major financial and legal woes.

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