INQ INQ1 Review

Branded on INQ’s web site as “The World’s first social mobile”, this is a little phone setting out a big stall. Exclusive to 3 and available in black and silver, it’s the first UK phone manufactured by Chinese electronics firm Amoi.

As you’d expect from the marketing, facebook, Windows Live Messenger and Skype are built in. Presented via the home screen and accessed through an easy to use widget carousel. All friends and contacts appear in the phone book and messages, pokes and requests drop into the inbox. All good, but no support for twitter is a missed opportunity for the In(q) crowd.

Mini USB allows use as a 3G dongle at 3.6 Mbit/s. Pretty much as fast as anything else you could get. The basic (3 MP) camera is fine for snapping to post online but tiny phone, tiny memory is true again. 50MB memory can be expanded to 4GB.

With all the social updates arriving (and why else would you want it?), you’re not left in standby often so battery life can be a challenge.

A first go for Amoi and winner of GSMA Phone of the Year 2009, the intent is to deliver simple social integration and data to the mass market. For a lightweight slider the INQ1 is an affordable option, but I'd wait for the next one to iron out some annoying glitches.

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