Opinion : Google Chrome OS, Android Not Aiming For Windows... Yet

So Chrome OS and Android might converge in the future according to Google's co-founder Sergei Brin and already many are talking about the possibility of a potential Google/Windows face-off.

However, the two operating systems are different beasts catering for different audiences just like their alter-egos in the hardware world, ARM's ultra efficient processor environment and Intel's ultra powerful CPU range.

Clearly - and Google has stressed this numerous times - the company is focusing on the mobile market, something that Microsoft, with Windows Mobile 6.5 has been leaving unchecked, if not unloved as the software giant appears to concentrate more on Windows for traditional computing platforms for now.

This is why Windows 7 and Windows 2008 Server appear to have pushed Windows 7 Mobile down the pecking order, sending the latter's launch date well into 2010.

The problem for Microsoft is that as Google smartly noticed, smartphones are becoming very powerful thanks to the single handed effort of ARM, which is not only making of Android one of its preferred partners but also announced a number of projects including the Cortex A9 which is as powerful as many x86 processors and yet consume only a fraction of their power.

Ultimately, as Brin noted, both extremes are converging. Google Chrome OS will adopt a number of desktop features with the same happening to ARM (with dual core processors and higher speeds).

Smartphones will become as powerful as Netbooks. In turn these will pack as much punch as laptops and the latter will be as outlandish as desktops at least when it comes to processing power.

Even if some, like Randall C Kennedy from PC Advisor, say that "the world won't buy an inflexible OS" like Chrome OS, it is too easy to forget that Chrome OS and Android are first and foremost, platforms for mobile devices.

Our Comments

The bottom line therefore is that Google is not directly aiming for Windows but any damage to Microsoft's revenues will be purely accidental. Seriously though, like Linux, Google doesn't have any say in what goes where.

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