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Palm Set To Launch New WebOS Update

Leading smartphone manufacturer Palm is all set to roll out the latest iteration of its much vaunted WebOS in the UK.

The company has reported that the software for Pre smartphone will be updated from WebOS 1.1.3 to 1.3.1 “within the next few days”.

O2 customers in UK, Ireland, Germany and Spain will be updated automatically from WebOS 1.1.3 to 1.3.1 the moment they are within range of a Wi-Fi or 3G signal provided that they have at least 30 per cent charge in their battery and they are not on the phone.

The users will not have to do anything to get the update. Once the download is completed, the user will receive a notification that the OS was ready to be installed.

The new WebOS, which was released in US a month ago, will be capable of adding LinkedIn contacts to the Pre, in addition to a Yahoo! calendar and contacts. The WebOS will include a Facebook application and more options for using the Palm Pre in corporate EAS environments.

Palm Pre was launched earlier this year amidst much fanfare and was predicted to change the face of the smartphone market and challenge the dominance Apple iPhone.

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Palm also introduced another lesser powerful smartphone, the Pixi, which also features WebOS. Many consider this platform to be at least on par with Apple's iPhone OS.

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