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Sony To Launch iTunes Competitor

Taking a leaf out of Apple’s online business strategy book, Sony has announced its plans to launch a service similar to iTunes which will provide its users with a raft of downloadable multimedia applications for their handheld devices.

In a strategy symposium held in Tokyo last week, the consumer electronics giant noted that its new service would let users download music, movies, games, along with books and other handy downloadable applications for their mobile phones.

Dubbed as "Sony Online Service", the service from Sony is being considered as the company’s answer to Apple’s immensely popular iTunes online service.

However, the top execs of the company didn’t reveal anything about the probable launch date, or any other details of this proposed service.

The service would link the company’s devices with its indigenous digital content, thereby detaching it from other online digital content stores.

In his interview with Business Week, Sony’s executive VP of network product and services, Kazuo Hirai, said that Sony Online Service won’t only sell digital stuff, but also allow people to enjoy a couple of social networking attributes, like uploading images and videos and even connecting with each other.

"It's not just access content, stream it, and enjoy. What are your friends watching right now? There's a screen that says all the programming that's available. It highlights all the things that your friends are watching, for example. It's a community experience", the website quoted Hirai as saying.

Our Comments

Will Sony recapture its lost crown as the former king of consumer electronics? Very unlikely as Apple has been forcing its way ahead, bulldozing its competitors and making sure that its products and services not only remain highly competitive but that they are ahead of the innovation curve.

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