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Conde Nast Previews iTablet Version Of Wired Magazine

Conde Nast, publisher of established magazines covering fashion, technology and travel, including The New Yorker, Vogue and Wired has released a concept video confirming the news that it has tailored content of its Wired magazine for the rumored Apple iTablet platform.

The publishing giant, in a preview, revealed what the magazine might look like on Apple's quasi-legendary Tablet computer.

The video presented the magazine as an animated avatar with interactive graphics as well as the scrolling text, flippable pages and landscape or portrait options.

It is to be noted that in the past couple of years, print media industry has been struggling against the increasing popularity of digital media.

Conde Nast’s attempt to offer Wired magazine’s content for the rumored tablet PC can be seen as another desperate attempt of the print industry to hang-on in the digital age.

However many analysts believe that such a step is good for the company and has been initiated with an eye on the future by the publishing house.

Apple iTablet has been the target of many speculation even as Apple has not yet confirmed the rumors which surround the design, capabilities or the possible launch date of the of the iPad.

Our Comments

The tablet generation could make or break the traditional publishing sector which has been fighting hard the challenges brought upon them by the rise of the Web like quasi zero-cost of entry and the abolition of physical boundaries.

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